Annelie Hermansson

I'm Annelie Hermansson, I live in Sweden, just south of Stockholm. I'm 31 years old and started All In Agility at the end of 2017. I started out very slow and have since built my company up bit by bit and today I work fulltime with agility. My passion is training, competing, teaching, judging and arranging agility competitions! I want to wow the audience with my agility, I want to push handlers in the right direction as an instructor and I want to challenge handlers with my courses with nice lines for the dogs and challenging techniques for the handler.

I got my first dog, a deaf Cavalier, when I was 9 and we started practising agility when he was 2 years old. We made it to grade 3 but were way out of our league there. I then got Gizmo, a sheltie, when I was 15 and managed to do better since he was faster and more motivated. Then Dante came a long 2015 and I had one goal with him - to be at the FCI Agility World Championships. And 2018 - we were for the first time!