To design courses is a bit of an art form. Everything has to go together with no loose ends, the dogs lines should be nice, the correct distance between obstacles need to be retained and so on. Ever since I started to teach myself how to design good courses I have been in love with trying to design better and better courses. I used to just google 'agility grade 3' and search for a nice course. But now I am a full fledged agility judge and do this every day. So now I can design your courses for you. For your own private practice, your clubs competitions or perhaps for your practice group at the club. Sparing you of the hassle of searching for a suitable course and always giving you what you feel you need to practice in situations you perhaps hadn't thought of.

100 SEK/ design

Plus 50 SEK/ extra numbering on the course
The size of the field
If there are any ceiling poles or such
What difficulty you want
How long your course should be
Jumping? - Agility?