Picture by: Rosita Dahlberg
EMMI - Olssinge Andromeda

Born 2021
approx. 34,5 cm
Unknown Hip Status

  • Team Sweden for EO, Nordics & AWC 2024
  • Qualified & competed at Nationals since 2024
  • Danish Jumping Champion
  • Swedish Agility Champion
  • Swedish Jumping Champion
Emmi was about to turn 8 months when she was rehomed to my parents after Gizmo passed away. She was just supposed to have a normal dog life and when she got to try a little bit of agility she was quite slow and unsure of herself so we never persued a carreer with her. She got to grow confident in every day life with the help of our little pack and soon Monty came to me and became her best friend. She later showed much more enthusiasm for agility since she had been coming to trainings with us to train the others for a while and so she got to try again just for fun and since then she became an agility junkie. Her speed got crazy and her skills got amazing. She will probably be the best dog I've ever had in agility despite how it all started!

Picture by: Caroline Lindstedt
MONTY - Alily's Cheeky Celebration

Born 2022
approx. 40 cm
HD A & ED 0

  • Qualified & competed Nationals since 2024
  • Swedish Jumping Champion
  • Swedish Agility Champion
Monty was supposed to be a Danish sheltie, but he didn't clear the vet check and later passed away so I sneakily managed to get this wocker with whom I'd already been in talks of getting so it all worked out in the end. He is the kindest, sweetest and most funny dog I've ever had. He went straight into my heart and will never leave. He was petrified of the seesaw but is today running every course like a pro, can't wait for his future!

Picture by: Rosita Dahlberg
ALVIN - Bluespeed's Born a Fighter

Born 2019
Approx. 42,5 cm
Hip Status B

  • R-CACIAG in Finland 2023
  • Swedish Team Championships Gold 2023
  • Team Sweden to European Open & Nordic Championships 2022
  • Swedish team Championships Bronze 2021
  • Swedish Jumping & Agility Champion
  • Qualified & Competed at the Swedish Championships since 2022

Alvin is Dante's half brother and is a super cute little monster who adores his family but is a bit reserved with strangers. He is absolutely crazy about agility, which is not helping my passitivity training with him, but is super nice as we of course have big goals if everything turns out. He is a very happy dog and while he goes absolutely nuts for agility he can also maintain a cool leveled head which means he listens to me great through the course even when he's so worked up - perfect! He has a bright future ahead of him and I am so excited to be there for it all!

DANTE - Bluespeed's Adante

Born 2015
Approx. 40 cm
Hip Status B


  • Team Sweden to Nordics & European Open 2024
  • Swedish team Championships Gold 2023
  • Team Sweden to the Nordics, European Open & FCI AWC 2023
  • Team Sweden to Nordics & European Open 2022
  • Swedish Team Championships Silver 2022
  • Team Sweden to the Nordics 2021 (rest was cancelled)
  • Swedish team Championships Gold 2021
  • (All championships cancelled 2020)
  • Swedish Open 2019 Bronze
  • Team Sweden to the Nordics, European Open & FCI AWC 2019
  • Team Sweden to the Nordics, European Open & FCI AWC 2018
  • WAO Wildcard 2018
  • Qualified & Competed at the Swedish Championships since 2017
  • Norwegian Open 2017 Gold
  • 1 CACIAG
  • Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish & Danish Agility Champion
  • Swedish & Finnish Jumping Champion
  • Nordic Agility Champion
  • Approved Mental Test with Gunshots
Dante is that dog you get once in a lifetime, my soulmate. He loves everyone and anything and is the kindest dog you've ever met. His heart of gold is what is so great about him, and his attitude towards work and agility makes him an incredible agility partner. He's never once been sick or hurt by anything really, hopefully it stays that way. Agility and Canicross lives in his heart!

GIZMO - Sumburgh Head's Gizmo

Born 2007-2022

Approx. 38,5 cm


  • Swedish Jumping & Agility Champion
  • Team Sweden at European Open 2014
  • National Bronze Individually 2014
  • Qualified & Competed at the Nationals 2013 - 2016
Gizmo came into our family at a time where we thought we were gonna lose our Cavalier Jack. My family knew I needed a faster and more motivated dog if I wanted to continue with agility and develop it into something great, and also it would break our hearts if we lost our heart and soul and stood without a dog all of the sudden. Gizmo has been healthy all his life until he developed a genetic bowels disease during all of 2015. He had to stop competing and practicing agility and start taking medication. He was qualified to the nationals of 2016 already but never got the chance to participate. 

JACK - Myrforsens Marcoolio

2002 - 2016

approx. 34,9 cm


  • Swedish Championship Silver - for youths
Jack was our pride and joy, our heart and soul of the entire family. Our first dog, I was 9 years old when he came into our lives, and boy was he trouble for us! He has had soooo many adventures in his life that I'll have to write a book about each and every one. Let's just say he kept us busy! And that he has to had been blessed by the angels to survive all of his stunts. He was however sick for the most part of his life, various sicknesses but most prolific chronic Spondylosis in his entire body and he was deaf from contracting Elishias in his early years. He had a larger will to live than any other being on this good earth which is the only reson he lived to be such an age, when his heart gave in. Vets said he wouldn't live past a couple of years. Our last summer together I hired an amazing photographer and got wonderful pics of us two to always remember him as beautiful as he was.