Follow Monty, a Working Cocker, from 4 months old up to 15 months old, and Emmi, a Sheltie, from 12 months up to 15 months! Emmi came to my parents at around 7-8 months old and is untrained but eager! So this will be the perfect opportunity to watch a puppy and also a more mature dog take on the foundations to become epic agility dogs! There will be 1 or more training videos each week and they will all be hashtaged with the dog, the age and what we are training to make it easy to join the Puppy Diary at anytime and search up the videos you want via Topics! The videos might be cut to avoid dead time but all sound will remain for learning purposes, as well as all mistakes and wrong sends and so on, sometimes we learn the most from them after all. We will use a Facebook Group where only I can make posts but you can comment and discuss them and at the end of every month I will make a video Q&A to answer your questions that was posed during the month.



Once payment is confirmed you will be invited to join our Facebook Group. There you will find all the current training videos, and if you join at a later date you will have all prior content in order for easy viewing and learning

50 euros

For only 50 Euros you will have 11 months of Monty´s training as well as 3 months of Emmi´s training always and forever to look back upon

Examples of what we will see in the Puppy Diary
  • puppy foundations
  • RC on A-frame and dog walk
  • weaves
  • body awareness and coordination
  • handling and ability to follow lead
  • distance and layering work
  • developing rewards


This Puppy Diary does not offer feedback or uploading of personal training videos for analyzing, no one but I can upload posts in the group, but everyone can comment and discuss