Now my seminar Pre-Agility is available as an online seminar with many more excercises perfectly adapted for young dogs to develop their coordination, balance, fluency, team work, rewarding before they move on to more physical stuff like contact obstacles, weaves and jumping technique. All these excercises are the foundations for the future agility runs of champions. On the video you will see Alvin and his brother Hyss at 6 months old. Sign up for an online, private seminar with 3 weeks in between lessons or do a self study by buying only the video lessons and following their lead by yourself. Agility foundations is the most important work you can do with your puppy/ young dog, so here we go!


1 long tunnel
1 short tunnel
3 jumps
something to film with
Facebook profile
editing app or software


1 500 SEK Private Seminar
600 SEK Self Study

Recommended age at least 4 months 


4 video lessons (30 min total)
Unlimited feedback on your videos
Feedback at least every monday