Handling Advanced Online

During this seminar we'll be looking at challenging course designs together and breaking them down into smaller combinations. In my video lessons I'll show you the entire courses as well as several different handling options for all the challenging parts. I'll go into detail to describe what it is I'm doing with my handling and you can clearly see how my dog responds to my handling and verbal commands. I want to push you to prepare your agility by always being one step ahead of the dog both in mind and on the field. Over these months we'll be looking at challenging contacts and weaves, both entries and exits, distance handling, independence, starting habits, traps/ lures, how to handle your dog with its speed as well as many other aspects of getting a nice, fluent run. You will also get all the course maps specially designed for this seminar both with course numbers and combination numbers. 


Agility Field
Something to film with
Facebook profile
Something to edit with


1 750 SEK Private Seminar
750 SEK Self Study

Recommended for grade 3 teams or similar


5 video lessons
All course designs used
Feedback on every training
Feedback at least every monday